Worldwide Improvements and Environmental Damage

The 21st century modern life is characterized by science, technology, and high incomes. This has had a positive influence on the human being life. However, they have been categorized to be a threat to the ecosystem. This has also been attributed to consequent to air pollution and an explosive expansion of population, which harm the environment. Nuclear programs, industrialization and agricultural advancements used to better the living of modern man have caused more harm to the environment than protect it.

Nuclear programs integrated for peace missions during wars also affect the environment negatively. This occurs after production of dangerous wastes that stay for decades in the environment since they fade and clear gradually (Dowricki & DeLong, 2003). As a result, they pollute the environmental elements such as water, air, and soil. This leads to the overall deterioration of the environmental quality which may impact lives of the human beings negatively.

Industrialization in developed countries and some of the developing countries, which lead to economic development, also pollute the ecosystem. Air pollution occurs due to fumes and coal produced from factories that form smog in the ozone layer. In addition, traffic in the condensed cities may lead to the same effects of producing smog. This may lead to serious negative weather effects such as global warming that may harm the environment and humanity.

Agricultural advancements that involve the use of advanced technological machinery, pesticides, and fertilizers also harm the environment (Clark & Feenstra, 2003). Most developing countries have agriculture as their backbone national economic activity for economic growth.  As a result, continued use of chemicals used for agricultural purposes contaminates water, soil and food consumed by the community in a particular area. In conclusion, the environment has been impacted negatively by worldwide improvements in better living standards.

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