What should a government do for a country to be successful

The role of the government in any country is to guide that country to succeed in all its operations. Though it is usually not a simple task, it is the role of that government to make sure the poverty levels are reduced within the country, furthermore, it is usually the role of the government to create employment opportunities to its citizens as well as boost the economy of that country. Following this, this paper is going to scrutinize what a government of a country should do for a country to be successful.

Firstly, the key determinant for any country to succeed is the type of education offered in that country (Aggarwal, and Agmon, 1990). In any country where quality education is offered the citizens in that country are usually knowledgeable, they possess skills in various sectors of the economy and as a result, they lead to improved economy of the country therefore, for any government whose aim is to lead its country to success it should make sure that the education offered in that particular country is of very high quality and  is aimed at inflicting practical skills to its citizens with which they can utilize in improving the economy (Cernat, and Gourdon, 2012). With this therefore, the government will lead its country to success.

Furthermore, governments should encourage its citizens to enter into business activities. With citizens engaging themselves in business, they not only acquire their income but also create employment to other citizens (Gilmore, 2002). The government should promote conducive environment for its citizens to venture into business. Therefore, once this is done the economy of a country is raised and as a result the government leads the country to success.

In conclusion, the government is the key determinant of success of any country, it should therefore be focused in all activities which results to success of its country since the government’s failure leads to underdevelopment of a country.

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