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In life, we sometimes come across invaluable phenomenon. Not happiness, love or greed, although they, too, are hard to measure with a thermometer, Stung compass or distance to the nearest pharmacy, but we are not talking about them, but about business training, the kind of training that allows you to transfer the company’s specialists effective skills solutions to everyday challenges. A good example is the targeted application of this training is sales training that is. Designed for the transmission of behavioral patterns of interaction with the client.

No devices that can give a fair assessment of this common form of business training. And if in the case of love, a dimension can be neglected, then in the selection of the training evaluation of its effectiveness becomes a stumbling block for anyone that has taken the responsibility to efficiently train staff. The problem of evaluation is. Exacerbated by the fact that little to find a suitable training. This solves only part of the overall objectives of the organization training events.

  • The main difficulty in the selection of the training:
  • Solving the problems specifically for your company;
  • Suitable for corporate-style management;
  • Appropriate current level of the business organization;
  • Is not in the training and by the trainer.

Will take the liberty to say that even a cleverly compiled programed of training has little value without the talented artist, ire without a coach. Why is this so? Because besides the fact that the coach applying for the Master level, professionally versed in raising them, has her practical experience, so he is the speaker, and equally important, he is a specialist, able to start the transfer process and goal setting skills.

At this stage of training, the specialists of the companies face major uncertainty — how to evaluate:

  • If the coach of our organization;
  • Does exactly what we need.

Is the specialist in their field and most importantly — will he be able to implement the right process to transfer skills to our managers. Because often the following happens, the training was conducted and paid for, the officers and Directors of patiently waiting for the results in the form of increased or sales, but it takes a month, the second and the effect is zero or negligible.

  • There are many tips on how the right to assess the value of a coach. They probably can be. Reduced to a few several options:
  • Hire a seasoned evaluator training services or use the services of a training company;
  • Only work with well-known performers, with a number of diplomas, certificates;
  • To check and to rely on reviews and recommendations about the coach;
  • To see the coach at work.

In the selection of partners-trainers in our training canter, we have used all these options. Neither one of them should not be neglected in the evaluation of the coach, but in this article I want to dwell on the past, as the insights obtained during the test — train the trainer are the most reliable after the test of time and partnerships.

How to watch the coach at work with constant time pressure; time specialists Your Company? How to ensure that you are a specialist that is right for Your Company? How to guarantee the achievement of group outcomes of the training? Assemble a focus group (4-6 people) of specialists from several departments from different levels of the corporate hierarchy. For example, if you choose trainer for your sales team, then this specialists of middle and lower level sales, marketing, HR and one TOP to hold the strategic framework. Inform your colleagues time and the event period (40 — 60 minutes), but do not give any information about guest coach may evaluate it from the perspective of user training services. Give the job to the trainer: prepare mini — presentation of the future of training in three aspects: 1) demonstration of the elements of a future training tailored to your business; 2) work with the future audience the group to identify issues of training; 3) examples of exercises for a transfer of skills. After finishing a mini-presentation, gather feedback from their colleagues.

Of course, the test training makes sense only trainers who have passed all stages of preliminary selection. For example, coach’s sales passed the interview with the head of sales or commercial Director and HR Department.

  • As it turns out, as a rule, after the test of the training?
  • Does the coach, who is his target audience?
  • Whether he knows how to work with the group, as this is typical in your company?
  • Can the trainer to present a systematic material group?
  • Do you, as the coach to keep. The audience’s attention?
  • As a coach, working with objections?
  • Does the exercises and case studies. Based on the specifics of your business or use a template?
  • Can coach to strengthen and transfer effective skills to achieve the result the specialists of your company?

We will be glad, if armed with the test — training of trainers, you will be able to optimally. Implement the budget training your staff.

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