Top Recruitment Trends of 2017

We already told you about the changes they have witnessed over the past year and which we think will continue to happen in 2017. Many reputable Western media (and not only) we have reviewed the on-going reforms in the global HR community and more than a dozen times. So we’ve gathered 8 articles on trends in HR, which seem really useful, close to reality (well, every year about artificial intelligence as a trend to say tired, honestly), readable and share them with you and we selected the most interesting pieces that I want to emphasize.

Material from Dan Forbes, Aube, author of the bestseller “Promote Yourself” and partner of Future Workplace, as well as experts, who each year provides us with a portion of trends, most of which are really implemented in one form or another (still we are watching the situation in Russia, not the United States). In this article, we advise you to pay special attention. To the first 3 points: time to change the experience of communication with candidates, trying to keep as positive as possible even those who the selection process is not passed, to reconsider the idea of remote and office working, and try to make relations within companies more humane, collecting real data about the health and effectiveness of your team.

Good idea: “Companies are always especially kind to their customers, trying to please them, enhance loyalty and increase revenue. This year you will see how to collapse the walls between HR, marketing and Department on work with clients — together they will work on a fundamentally new experience for candidates and employers”.

John Bering, founder of Bergin by Deloitte, has dedicated the entire material not just a trend, but huge is coming our time digitalization. This is a full description of how fundamentally different attitude towards work, service and employment— John is confident that even these concepts 2017 will force us to reconsider.

Good idea: Starbucks, Peat’s or Phil Coffee, for example, they could easily automate work in coffee shops: you would communicate with a robot, and coffee for you would be. Cooked absolutely perfectly and gives you the car, instead of waiting in the queue. But it would be so joyful and nice to look at the coffee shop? Does not the fact, so the challenge is too effectively. Apply technology and to make the implementation work easier for employees and more pleasant for customers.

Section authors (very us, by the way, loved) the “Future of Work” resource Fast Company, and Andrew Chamberlain, chief economist Glassdoor, argue that the HR will never be the same in 2017. Will be replaced by a “science of man”, in which we have to deal with. The article is great written about automation, which exactly nobody should be scared about the intangible ways to reward employees that go by the wayside.

Good idea: “The most popular profession now require creativity, flexibility, judgment and soft skills. This list will include doctors, data scientist s, sales professionals, consultants in the field of strategic planning and product managers”.

More down to earth and relevant for the Russian market the article from HH. The material proves once again that in 2017 Russia will indeed be a watershed from the point of view of technology and Analytics recruitment.

Here again is emphasized the importance of reforms in the relationship candidate employer: all interested companies to learn how to leave a positive experience for job seekers, delay all, so they remained loyal and returned to the company after some time. In 2017, we will also have a lot of work on HR brand war for talent is. Conducted with serious panache. Competition in the market increases, so in addition to the ability to communicate with the candidate and leave him with a good impression, you will need to constantly. Increase audience reach potential candidates. This will help you a harmonious and powerful HR brand.

Good idea: The transition to business H2H — human to human — and monitoring employee experience inevitably leads to the fact that the value of employer brand when attracting and retaining talent increases. This trend in the market for a long time, and more noticeably a bundle between companies with bright HR brand and with the lack of it.

Knowing that the idea of the employer brand needs to be. Changed many companies, we have created a manual of HR-branding. Download and share with colleagues, the year will be interesting. In this article, the authors pay more attention to the change in the role of HR to increase the influence of employees who work with the staff and provide an influx of talent to the company. Yeah, good point about “hyper personalization” the recruitment, which you expect from the candidates (and this is personal email, contacts, social media and understanding the needs).

Good idea: Team of the marketing Department and the recruitment Department will work to create a corporate brand that will attract the attention of the candidates. Resell (Director of some — approx. edition) says, “Waiting for 2017 is also the solution from in-house departments and recruitment agencies to invest more in social media.”

And again the main idea of the material — marketing and recruitment are becoming closer. Still denying the need to “sell” jobs to candidates should reevaluate your principles. And to think that your job may soon become suddenly quite different — acquire new skills, invest more to support the brand and looking for cool tools to attract new candidates.

Good idea: This may sound obvious, but 2017 should be the year when we will see the final phase of the existence of “recruitment”, as we knew him, and the year when the recruitment marketing will take place at the head table in the field of HR and attract talent.

In this material, we found quite interesting the idea what in reality can. Give us technology: “the re-discovery of talents”. Let me explain. Let’s say you received 300 responses per vacancy and if before all the resume would get lost in your Inbox / on the computer / in the table of Excel, but now, thanks to ATS, you will be able later in his CV (even accidentally) to return to the candidate who will be suitable to another position. In General, now no valuable talent is not lost. Technology can open people again, yes; it is very simple but wonderful example.

Good idea: This year, I expect that mobile recruiting will become more important than ever before. According to LinkedIn’s Mobile Recruiting Playbook, 72% of active candidates visit company websites to learn about careers, 45% have applied via mobile devices. In 2017 <…> and the recruiters will impose greater demands on a mobile adaptation of their ATS and other tools.

Another material in which we are. Asked to think about the experience of candidates and the method of its improvement in the first place. Well, we would call a shift in attitudes about candidates and the process response, the main trend in 2017 (along with obvious excitement around recruitment marketing). This article is also about the active use of Analytics, personalization, involvement and invention of new modes of organization of working time.

Good idea: Work more with your own feeds to social media, figuring out how to bring more benefit to the product, whether the company, culture, your benefits and so forth, and for your candidates. Do not use photos from drains on your career website — give to candidates to look at how to look like your real employees. Take the example of the tourism Board of Sweden, who just published a phone number where you can call and get an answer from the Swede, who represents the country and will offer the caller advice, tell you where to stay and what to see.

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