The Most Powerful Women in HR

Who runs the world of hr.? Girls! Collected accounts and blogs of the most influential women in the field of hr.-technologies to inspire you and share pages, which should follow in order to be aware of and enter into it behind the scenes recruiting existing female community, which I think really runs the world of hr.

Megan M. Biro

Megan is the founder of pretty well. Known companies Talent Culture blog, which, by the way, we do not just advise — do visit him regularly. Megan has worked with Microsoft, Google, regularly published in such publications as Forbes, Entrepreneur, and Huffington Post. And it is rightly called one of the leaders of the hr. tech movement around the world (according to the well-known resource Glassdoor). The Huffington Post also included it in the list of “Top 100 experts in the field of social recruiting, which should follow on Twitter”. Let it sounds like. Not a very great title and the Nobel Prize in the area of recruitment it is not exactly, but her hands can get the latest and most relevant information about social recruiting. And we do that.

T. O’Donnell

If you have never looked at Career Realism, that she is one of those blogs that can significantly help candidates in their job search, and recruiters in trying to understand the logic of the candidates. There is no “sugar-coated” information on employment — hence the name. And the slogan of the blog, we would call the most honest version of the HR-mag: “Because every job is temporary”. CEO Career Realism is regularly. Published in the Wall Street Journal and The New York Times.

Jessica Merrell

And again the girl — the author of one of the blogs, which we regularly use to be in the trend and tell you about technologies in the field of hr. Jessica now holds the position of Vice President for talent management in the company Advanced Group. Just the other day she started working there. In addition, Jessica is. Considered one of the most authoritative speakers in the field of social recruiting — it often is many colleagues published in Fast Company, Forbes, and The Economist and so on.

Stacey Donovan Worn Out

Heard about the Fortune. 500? This is a ranking of the 500 largest companies in the world, the criterion for the compilation of which serves as the company’s revenue. So — Stacey advises them on the subject of building a strategy of social recruiting (among them, TripAdvisor, Zappos,, Netflix). Her personal blog has long exceeded the mark of 1 million visits. Read it and urines’ to exploits in the field of recruiting.

Morgan Mission

Morgan moved to Silicon Valley in 2006 and in 2007 began to build in Google. Then there was Twitter, Foursquare and now she founded her company Main. She has been recruiting mainly it professionals — that is why she became famous in its field. And continues to intrigue all of it and recruiting world. Her profile seemed to us the most mysterious.

Donna Sway

If there is on this planet person who knows all about creating a resume, this is Donna. And she is a recognized expert on… profile on LinkedIn. Because these two tools are still dominant in communication candidate from the recruiter, her advice can seriously help you in your work. She also published regularly in Forbes, Time, Uma Today and CBS.

Susan Lucas

Susan Lucas, also known as the Real Evil HR Lady (I think that was her nickname even from the beginning of the 2000s, as the design of its blog) is one of the most influential lady in the hr. tech community. Susan long worked in Pfizer (over 6 years on different positions), and now took up freelance to help companies of different sizes. In her profile on LinkedIn says that it is possible to ask any question even concerning hiring problems and challenges of small companies, and she will be happy to give advice. And this fact is a matter of respect — to share their experiences here so, being at arm’s length, being the ultimate specialist in the field, it is amazing in the business world.

Katherine Robinson

The founder of his own “magical” Agency recruiting “Sourcing Hat” (by analogy with the hat character in the books, Rowling) and just quite a curious character our selection is Katherine Robinson. It is not very interested in the interview and employee engagement — it recruiting specialist online. Well-known and reputable. Her clients include Pepsi Co. and Verizon.

Robin Suing

Robin believes that her mission is to make hr. more human. But not to resist the influence of technology and digital community. In General, it is interesting to observe. Now that is pretty. Amazing, she works at Hollywood Casino Baton Rouge. And prior to that held the position

Jake Clayton

Once again, the author of one of the blogs that we regularly monitor. And it recruiting Daily. Here you can always find dozens of useful tools for recruiting, or simply articles, infographics, latest reports. Previously, Jake was also a well. Known online ERE (a list of blogs look for it) and was Ambassador WITI (Woman in Technology International).

Jennifer McClure

Jennifer McClure is the CEO of a very interesting small company; a certain community of those involved. With the recruiting and hr. and is constantly being. Improved. It is called Disrupt. Still it has its own resource, on which she posts articles and shares his impressions of the performances to the public (I think you created it just for these performances to offer her).

Catherine Mishap

The founder of The Muse online knows about the job search and even more about finding a company that could become a second home, almost. At first, she worked at McKinsey and then went to Rwanda and Malawi in the framework of the Clinton Health Access Initiative. In General, The Muse is a huge and very interesting resource about the companies and to companies with vacancies, with materials and even the opportunity to find a coach. Katherine is among the 15 most important figures in the world of tech by version Inc. It is to observe!

Sarah We

Sarah is the Creator and founder of Lever (ATS — applicant tracking system). She graduated from Stanford, and then worked at Google. And here came to creating their own business and obtaining the status of a prominent person on the horizon in hr. technology.

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