New Trends of The Year

Surprisingly, the role of recruiters and HR Department in companies in the coming year will again increase. More and more executives start to change the company’s development strategy, looking at the help and advice of the staff involved in the personnel policy. Professionals — the key to overall success, so that in 2017, the rate for good professionals will increase again, and the HR Department. Now they are also at the helm of the 83% of the representatives of the sphere of talent management regularly meet with company management.

What follows from this? You should pay attention to those who are in the company above the ladder on the value of personnel policy and try to convey your arguments. If a company has a problem, it can be. Solved through recruitment. Or dismissal.

World experts in the field of talent management is also confident that the pace of recruitment will only grow. Not sure it is applicable to our current economic circumstances, but it is important something else. Indicators of success of recruitment campaigns will be the average period of employment of employee in the place, satisfaction HR ‘and the employee, the average time of the vacancy.

What follows from this? The search for talented employees — a task that is not disposable. Recruiting becomes a tool for tackling long-term problems of companies that need employees who will work for a long time, will integrate into the corporate culture and will be fast. Time is still a key aspect.

But the situation will change. Opinion leaders in the field of recruitment I think we need to invest more (and more) in the HR-branding, because I think it is a prerequisite for the successful recruitment and stable operation of the company.

What follows from this? You need to start to do employer branding right now. To think about corporate culture, to form a valuable message, create groups in social networks, make career site, find the audience. Assure the good employees that they can realize themselves by your company — that is the task for 2017.

There cannot be claims “it is not for our company” when talking about the HR-brand. It needs work; it can grow if you approach the matter carefully. Process automation saves time and avoid errors that are. Caused by human carelessness, fatigue or bias. After the introduction of automation and finding useful tools from recruiters and HR’s, there are many other important tasks. For example, the work c HR-brand. And that means it’s time for you to reach out to their employees. They can help you close the most difficult jobs — their circle of friends and acquaintances is definitely enough for this wide. Start using social media to distribute job openings, ask your employees to share them among friends and always with attention to their recommendations.

In the world of brewing a big problem with the staff. And phrases like “we have a small budget,” or “few staff-recruiters” is not quite convincing. And with a small budget and team, you can find candidates. But how to fight for them? On the second place on efficiency are a social network (55% of specialists also distinguish them as a useful channel), so you can focus on them. Then move on to creating a career website. Once again, the excuse about the budget is not working to engage in social recruiting budget effectively, regularly.

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