How to Interview Passive Candidate

Passive candidates — those who we dream about at night. Because one of them certainly lies someone ideal or very suitable, but wildly busy. So, any errors when dealing with them should be, avoided.

The overall message

This, however, is the mistake that many candidates in different state bodies, if you know what we — the General message allows your audience to focus on it and perceive it as a message, the addresser of which is specifically it. So it can go unnoticed. So it’s better very individual appeal than very General like “we will make the world a better place” or “we have been looking for such a sociable like you.” On the contrary — passive candidate can only communicate elaborating on its promise to the last detail because only in this case, you will be able to answer.

You cannot describe to form a promise to act or to interest them

Candidates want to hear about what the most important the main task they would receive if will become part of your company. That is why you can never use the standard forms of job descriptions. But to overdo it with words like “guru” and “ninja” too. We talked about it here. Tell us something special, share a part, for example, whether the candidate is spending time on a comfy Ottoman, Breakfast with the team or play volleyball, or maybe you will give him the opportunity to create your own project or team. It valine people more than anything else and should learn to “sell” jobs. For example, share the link, where it will be more complete job description or where another employee talks about his work.

You have to push

The need to immediately. Send a resume or to say “Yes/no” can scare the candidate, especially if his interest is still in its infancy. If you immediately ask them something to fill out, answer questions or anything, they just slowly close the tab with the vacancy. In other words, you push on people, but they are not yet ready to make a decision. It is better to write personally to canid ate, and maybe call him and just discuss the real working conditions, the desires of man and his needs. Show that you respect his time and the opportunity to make choices consciously. Passive candidates are unlikely to immediately. Agree to an interview, so we will have to talk to them, make sure the person is ready to change jobs.

You throw them in the middle of the road

Passive candidates are a different audience. It should be, conducted. Every passive candidate has a job, my schedule, and so on. You need to constantly, notify you that you are still interested in it. But it should be done very delicately, not every day, not every week even. Just communicate with the person. And not to push him. Often recruiters simply throw a candidate and I think he will call if possible when ready. But this does not happen because someone else time seized the perfect candidate!

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