HR-Branding: How to Be The Best

Not all activities are equally attractive. Some companies fail only because they cannot attract the attention of ambitious young candidates who cannot connect their capabilities with their dreams, their desire to change the world, although others are successful with this mission manage.

In this question very, much depends on the time — kind of industry is always on the ball. Now, for example, the vast majority of graduates prefer large global company, which is. Engaged in, say, consulting. They see this career ample. Opportunity and stability. To condemn them for it will not.

And many of these decisions come from childhood. Seeing how different people live, the children decide for themselves, creating a kind of role model like “become a Deputy” or “I will be an entrepreneur.” But 20-30-40 years ago all wanted to be astronauts, firemen, and cooks — it’s all a question of status, education and relationship to the professions. Someone who regularly complains, for example, that the salary in 3 thousand dollars absolutely does not suit him and makes it impossible to live life to the fullest. And write about it, read about it. Happen.

Anyway, all companies have the ability to make your image attractive to candidates. At all. Of course, it will take time, so the kids said, “I want to work in the field of agriculture that this world has had enough healthy and delicious food”, but if you ask for, it will certainly happen. Future candidates will have to “grow” gradually telling them about the opportunities in the sphere and their future in it. This applies not only to young professionals. And Mature, experienced people who just don’t know about where you can realize you’re potential.

Recruiters and marketers are playing in the same sandbox

And this is not a revelation. Only 4% of Millennials, according to research by The Hartford, I want to work in the insurance industry. And all just because they almost know nothing about it. They think that it is possible to offer a rapidly aging rich person a way to save his life, and get a lot of money. Not too much room for imagination, right? Maybe this is slightly exaggerated, but indicative.

The company “The Insure My Path”, for example, creates an educational program for the graduates, telling them about the industry and convincing them that working in the insurance industry is not too boring. But this, as practice shows, not always enough — here comes the oft-referred-us hr.-branding. Which will have to master if in an unattractive sector you need good footage.

The idea is simple: you can create promotional content, articles, infographics, illustrations that will tell you about work in your area. And carry out an educational function. Then the materials you can target, that is, to control the display of advertising in social media, their audience, for candidates that interest you. So for all this, you will have to combine the work of recruiters and marketers. Such materials will attract attention, increase the level of confidence in you as an employer and interested from the perspective of any area of human activity allows you to grow and develop in career terms too.

General Electric very keenly understood the situation and created a recruitment campaign that just occurred in the network. Funny video, making fun of people’s ideas about work, drew attention to the company. Not everyone has the ability to create this kind of content, but access to social media is not a unique privilege, is not it?

Let the staff storyteller (hmm)

An expert in the field of marketing Jay Baer predicts that 2017 will be the year of nonfiction storytelling in the business world. This means that in the field of HR the story of the employee will be the primary motivating force for potential candidates. Millennials do not believe in anything — they have developed immunity to advertising, the endless appeals.

So your goal is to create educational and personal content that will attract attention. Candidates now know how to look at employee profiles on social networks. They can write them themselves and learn about how really work well in the company. Then they will come and worship the reviews of former employees on Glassdoor or other sites, making the design of your website — all this has long been part of the research that they conduct before you go for an interview and submit a resume.

And candidates subscribe to pages in social networks, watching the news and appreciate the professionalism of their management, learning mistakes. They have a real interest. And it should be used, because all of you have for this channel, we only learn how to be with the candidates on the same wavelength and give them useful information — General Electric is undoubtedly managed.

And there is one “but” — the candidates already know all the designs that you will use to attract attention. So to inspire confidence in them only something real. Hence, our proposal to publish materials employees is the new corporate storytelling that allows the candidate to understand that he, too, can become part of a team and to work at the company a very lively and nice people.

Plus, a new feature of Instagram allows you to create stories, to broadcast, to tell in the new format. “Galatia”. Get a page in Instagram, set up the advertising stream. Do not be afraid to be open and you will certainly find its audience.

Candidates as customers

If you are working hard on the level of service, I believe that everything should be according to the canons, and you are very nice when you are. Treated with respect when providing a service, so you will be easy to understand what is common between the candidate and the client.

That and that you need to win. Need to respond to negative feedback and learn from mistakes. Be open to the interaction with the team and with those who could potentially become part of it. They are your real future, what it makes sense to invest time and effort.

The best way to deal with the unpopularity of the network of your company or sphere of activity in this context is that of increasing its presence in social networks and on the Internet (step second — career website!). “Uninteresting” area of work remains for candidates only because of lack of information, in other words because of ignorance. And filling need useful channels you will be able to attract candidates, even if the popular will is far from international consulting firms.

  • Checklist for those who have decided to make “uninteresting” interesting:
  • Find your audience — which candidates do you need? what will be needed in a few years? decide who globally is your purpose.
  • Create pages in social networks — a Guide to social recruiting.
  • Describe in simple words what your company does, for whom that it gives to a company / companies regularly remind the audience.
  • Every day gradually educate the audience on the subject of the nature of activities.

Configure targeted advertising in social networks together with marketing Department — to do this, create useful content (“5 reasons to insure your life”, “what will happen to the insurance industry tomorrow”, “why is the electricity sector becomes crucial”, and so on).

  • Work on visual component is the image of the company should be pleasant and modern.
  • Talk to members and decide how they will participate in the program.

Work through internal issues relating to corporate culture and aspects of branding — what is acceptable, what you can really give the candidate and what is not.

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