What You Didn’t Know About Your Job

In the 21st century to replace, the “broken telephone” and the selection of staff only on interviews to help HR ‘am came neuroscience, Data Science, networking, systems of engagement. And to motivate employees, several types of referral systems. And all of this online.

Plyometric & Pomelos. Services that know exactly what position would suit the candidate and the company. Plyometric was started it in 2014. Frida Poll, CEO of Plyometric, graduated from Harvard Business School, received the degree of candidate of Sciences (she is a neurobiologist), and she was faced with the challenge of finding the proper position. She has assembled a team of scientists and they tried to solve career problems through science. The result was Plyometric, the system built on analysis of various factors of the human brain and personal qualities of employees. The guys have implemented gamification in the not always pleasant process of job search and/or a new candidate.

If you are a candidate, to access the service for free and start to play with simple puzzles and tasks, the service will assess your motivation, ability to hold attention and tell you what position suits you the most. The same goes for companies — they help you find candidates who perfectly fit into the fabric of corporate culture.

Different jobs require different skills and it is not always possible to measure how fit a person with IQ or EI. And SAT, GMAT, LSAT tests, which have become boring and HR ‘am and candidates. Focus on personality and personal qualities in the recruitment one of the most important trends in HR today. For a generation who have little idea about what he wants from his work — perfect. Pomelos — calculated contrary to the company resource, although all the same opportunities there are for candidates. Here companies offer tests and games the candidate (5-10 minutes) that will allow us to understand how he and the employer are compatible.

All the “exercises”, as in Plyometric, formed on the basis of studies carried out specifically in each company, based on the study of the peculiarities of team work and the databases that scientists collect pre — Data Science in action. No more the same interview questions and strange “you do not come to us”.

ROIKOI & Role point.  What could be better? Than a systematic search for candidates with… their own employees and their skills of networking? Your team will talk about the people with whom they want to work and advise professionals of their environment. Each employee can select 30 people from their contacts (via Gmail, iCloud, Outlook), whom he gladly would have seen in a number of colleagues. In ROIKOI, you can filter specialists in the field, you can select the best candidates (a special rating based on the number of recommendations and regular views) and contact them — I think it really is incredibly convenient. The use of the service not only saves time HR’s and candidates, but also the means.

Role point also built on the ideology of the referral system; alternatively, they can create a career page of the company, to optimize the search for active and passive candidates. This is a more complex system and functions here more than in ROIKOI. In the basis of the service are research in the field of Data Science, gamification, research, mobile technology, and sociology. Here is not only to find a suitable candidate, the service allows you to create a talent network for people who are interested in this.

Employs & Precisely. It is time for everyone who ever wanted to earn money for their friends and former colleagues. Employs and Precisely resources, where you pay for the proper recommendation of the candidate. Employs’ about to launch, and precisely is already functioning. If your friend, whom you have sent a job from which you recommend (in multiple ways — Facebook, Gmail and so on), gets a job, pays precisely honestly earned money — however, you have the opportunity to give money to charity. It turns out the whole strategy — become a true HR among friends, find them wonderful work and to have fun.

Any perk & Rewards.  Creating the right system of motivation for employees is as important as the search for suitable candidates. That is why Any Perk and Rewards has created services for analysis. And selection of bonuses that will be of interest to your employees. The creators of the company claim that the system of rewards can have a positive effect on company morale and productivity of the team. Think its fine to give people choices and motivate them. In January 2016, we will launch a useful service for HR managers. Subscribe and get a chance to use it first is absolutely free. The top of the form.

Privy. The end of the form. Digital recruiting is becoming more real. Privy — incredibly convenient for HR’s service. With it, you can “follow” suitable for your company or stands out among the other candidates on Facebook, LinkedIn and other social networks. The uniqueness of the service is that any change in their work status you will receive a notification. This will allow you to make an offer to any candidate. Faster than others.

People spark & 15five. And again two fairly similar service that help to observe the change of mood in the company and involvement of employees. Many are familiar with the semi-annual (quarterly) reports about the emotional state of the team, productivity and other things — all this often just papers and not always useful waste of working time. These services are designed to change that and to help you get more enjoyment from the work of the company to obtain greater returns and, as a result, the opportunity to encourage employees of financial (earnings increases by 10%, according to research).

So people spark ready to offer your team regularly just to answer a few simple questions in order to follow the mood and approach to work and for you to ask questions in convenient forms to stay in touch and get weekly reports about the attitude of the staff, all the same features and offers the 15five service. Here also your team can share ideas and victories every day. To follow the team need for health — to do their job well need to know where to inopportune moment to get sick.

Mind sumo. Resource for the future. Mind sumo is a great service to find candidates who are still in College / University, but no doubt will be cool in the future and for students who already understand that you need to start looking for a job in non-trivial ways and to develop their skills and talents.

Companies offer the students to solve the tasks (complex or not), that you can get a cash reward or a unique opportunity to Express themselves in the company interview. Already more than 37,000 people were able to show their skills to potential employers. To try to solve the problem is possible on the Russian services. Mind Sumo offers students to start working in the company for a few hours a day or doing a specific project — for this, there is “Freelance”. The lack of headache in HR’s, as young professionals themselves, and students — will manifest themselves even before receiving the coveted document.

The muse. The muse is not just inspiring young people to seek employment dreams, but also allows companies to talk about their corporate culture and share the unique secrets of success. Their profiles and career page on website to post those to present do not have — Facebook, Uber, and Gap. Here you can find a job, to listen to what employees tell about working for a company and finding yourself, and walk around the office. Feel like home. Submit a resume!

The trend to building and shaping a corporate culture is and in the Russian companies — their experience can be. Observed here. For HR’s here, as the name implies, an incredible gathering inspiration for building corporate culture. Advice and positive examples will help you to find the right approach to the team.

Job & Switch & Job Snap. All of these applications are somewhat similar to Tinder. Only, of course, they are associated with the job or finding the ideal candidate. For example, Job, where companies flood the link to the job it is. Converted into a simple and cute card. Then the candidate looks at them and shrugs. Again and candidates easier, and companies are also convenient — they can pick up the perfect candidates with filters right in the app. Job snap offers you to record videos (only 30 seconds) telling about yourself and send it to the company, which is located not far away from you. What could be easier? Switch well very similar to the popular service for Dating is the same logic. Candidates reject jobs that they do not like, you can write to a prospective employer. You can even review anonymously if hidden.

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