5 Uncomfortable Questions for Candidate

The last stage of selection is always the most exciting — it seems that almost everything came together, that you find the right person. And sometimes it’s here, closing his eyes at all, we miss something important because of what lose candidate and after a couple of months open the position again. Have 5 questions for the last chance interview. For the bold! Name three negative qualities, which in the opinion of someone from your loved ones, you have.

The question really for the candidate rather complicated. But with this you get a useful answer here nothing but the truth cannot be. You run the candidate for such a mechanism entitled, “what I really have are useless, harming me?” You need to carefully treat that will be answered by the candidate. Just tell me what you want to hear something close to the truth and answers like “mom says I’m a perfectionist” is not suitable. If the first attempt the candidate fails to find the answer, ask him to think again. Why get angry at him friends? What annoys him the second half? Listing their real shortcomings, he will help you and me. After all, you are just about ready to make him the offer and you need to know about each other enough.

Bonus: you can tell him about some real cases, when the answer to the question helped to adapt more quickly or find most convenient mode of work, and maybe you will share some fair rules of work in the company and what lies behind the glossy claims and values?

Fold the two fractions

Want to test your reaction speed. No IQ test? This is the easiest way. Invite the person to fold 2/3 and 5/8. And don’t let any conditions if he wants to Google, count on a calculator — let. Most importantly, how he would react to this kind of problem and that will begin to do. Panicked if your candidate? If the frantically blinking and say that I did not expect such questions? If the day at your company looks like endless addition of fractions, you should see the reaction.

Rate your skills on a scale from 1 to 10. Again the question that makes the candidate to appreciate their skills, exaggeration of own qualities. If someone evaluates their communication skills at a 10, it is time to sound the alarm. In General, any 10-ka deserves. A few more. Uncomfortable questions about. Why the candidate is so sure that genius possesses the skill. Did he have nowhere to seek? This also applies to candidates who really do not appreciate yourself — say, if he was. Assessed as “average” (5-6), or it is about a severely insecure person, or about who really is able nothing. Try to achieve objective response with arguments. And to understand how, according to your candidate, looks is the point after which to develop the skill no longer makes sense.

“I have the skills of networking on 7, since I is not difficult to make networking connections, but I’m not ready to approach the person who has achieved higher status and just to have a conversation with him”.

“I organized on 8, as I’m almost never late, you know, what is overdue the deadline, but I also know that there are factors that can affect the course of my work. And sometimes I’m behind schedule, work late”

Keep the phrase “Most people that I meet…”

Believe me; very many candidates will respond “interesting”. Most of the people I have met… interesting. And this means that they for themselves does not. I do not want to take shortcuts — and that is not the question — but we should be able to somehow. Find the definitions for the events happening around us, for the people that appear next. So your task is to guide the candidate, so that he could answer what some of his colleagues, friends. New acquaintances? Smart, driven, maybe in a good way it is just crazy people.

Could you name the person with whom you communicated on a previous job?

Again, the question for the sake of reaction, and not for the answer. If the candidate was able to answer immediately, tell a little bit about who this man is and what his him green light, if he hesitated, said he does not want to share red. This is a real indicator of how well he builds relationships with colleagues and can communicate. Networking with networking, but if he is unable to leave nicely or did not consider it necessary to do so is a bad sign.

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