5 Mistakes to Stop Making

No, we are not going to talk about some specific companies, because it is not about specific failures, but in attitude. Will talk about experiences that we think can seriously influence your view on employer branding. In General, we always urge you not to follow blindly the statements like “you need a career page,” or “you must engage in social recruiting”. All individually, especially all, it all depends on the company and always before you begin to create something or to change its recruiting strategy, it is necessary to make sure that you need it. For this is Analytics, you have the possibility to carry out research within their company.

So, here are 5 examples of how not to treat HR-branding. Headers — this is a quote found on a real career pages or heard in real practice. “We have a two-minute video, which tells about all important aspects of our corporate culture”

Been there, done that

Some videos, of course, insanely cool. We about you such told (GE — our definite favorites). But in 90% of all these videos are uninteresting and generally useless. And all because no one feels the need to approach this from the other side — the whole story ends with a smiling staff and office. And this is not enough candidates, although, of course, watch they are all curious what’s inside large companies.

A small digression: the guys from Fiverr, for example, decided to make fun of modern corporate videos. That is what they did:

As of this vicious circle break?

The best thing you can do is to ask their employees about what they think about this kind of video. What they would like to show your friends, colleagues, parents in the end? Inspiring music, senseless quotes, busy and smiling staff — all the stamps that are in the language that have already. Appeared and are firmly. Rooted in corporate video. And they are pissed off. Just remember that removing the 10 people whom uncontrollably saying “this is a great company”, you are unlikely to actually. Attract good candidates.

“We need only those people who will understand how cool to be part of our company”

So you a priori deprive people of the opportunity to think differently, otherwise see the pros and cons of working with you. Not my best move. And this quote above, we generally found on the career website of the company, to focus on which was simply impossible. It becomes immediately obvious that neither the employees themselves nor the candidates here do not respect and take into account their opinion will not.

If your career page is now just a huge jumble of meaningless and allegedly motivating information, objectively — so you do not need it. And if the design is poor, and UX designers are just crying bitter tears when you look at it, you are losing potential candidates and karma, the company dramatically reduced. Just imagine. You buy a Bicycle you have chosen suitable online store, but you took 20 minutes to figure out whether you can on this ride — we buy? Unlikely.

“We sell the position to candidates directly during the interview”

Surely, you are always. Prepared persuasive speech (pitching?), with the help of which you skillfully may be of interest to the candidate. So why not. Record it on video. Or not to be placed in the text with cute pictures on your site?

This kind of “intrigue”, they say, all talk in the interview, doesn’t exactly help you entice talented and hardworking candidates just because they are smart enough to value their time. And know that if public information is not, nothing good they do not whisper.

But if nothing interesting from you at the interview will not hear, or your corporate culture will not seem so attractive, and you, and they will lose a lot of time. And your company funds. So remember that candidates also appreciate it when there are facts, there are specifics, there is instant information for decision-making. This is again a conversation about respect, because they come to you in search of it. By the way, statistics show that today’s candidates spend about two hours to find out all that interests them about the company before the interview.

“Branding is, of course, very important, but we need to find candidates urgently and it is our main objective”

Talent is talent, and time is running out very quickly. Of course, in business the solution to problems is always very serious, whereas branding is a secondary matter. Especially at a deadline. We understand that branding is unlikely to be for you a priority. But he does not require drastic and urgent decisions — everything must be thought out and come with experience. We already told you about how. Airbnb came to travel. Mapping have on their career online — it was brainstorming, discussion with the whole team, what feelings should cause the candidate to different aspects of the work in the company, it was an honest conversation about the advantages and disadvantages, so to create your career simple website they had to work hard with the team. And they succeeded.

So try to change and adjust your strategy. For example, start to write an article about how best to prepare for the interview. You know that better than anyone else in the company does. And a total of 3,000 characters can significantly increase the level of loyalty to you as an employer.

“We had that planned for 2018 and are now engaged in thinking about branding strategy”

Most likely in 2018 to do the branding will be too late. Because it is the cumulative experience and the world of recruiting is changing every day, constantly mingling with marketing lately. Besides, immediate effect your branding strategy will not give. Will have to fill a couple of cones. Then a dozen. Do not delay — start to make small steps towards brand creation, studying the practices of other companies, finding special features, speaking with staff and trying to better. Understand candidates.

Just imagine what would happen if Pepsi spent. Huge amount of money on marketing and Coca-Cola just gave it all as usual. They would have been bankrupt long ago. Those who learn to adapt technology and not put it off for later, win. Otherwise, one constant the last person to jump on the leaving train. And there may no longer be available.

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