15 resources for recruiters and HRs who want to follow trends

The ability to extract information is insanely important. Because it allows you to immediately own the situation, control the changes and be successful in your business. We know where and how to get it. And with pleasure we will share.

For example, blogs. We also classify them, so you know where to go for useful information.

Blogs for general development

(where you can find curious materials and news in the field of business)

Fast Company

We like this blog very much because it is always possible to get something from it: materials from life companies from well-known companies or interviews, funny video about work, motivating materials about leadership and creativity. And he is aesthetically pleasing. A stylish blog that you can flip through every day.


This resource – a huge garbage, which sometimes comes across something insanely interesting. Pay attention to the sections “Strategy” and “Careers”.


On the Medium, everyone can publish their posts. Therefore, you need to go for nice, easy posts that motivate or vice versa make you remember that everything is corruptible. Come always in the tab with top articles and editorial choice. From the last we got this material – “Always Invest In Your Education”.

LinkedIn Pulse

A blog that you already know for sure, read, well, or at least occasionally drop in. Here the content is formed based on your professional preferences, so that something useful can always be found. Moreover, it can be done directly in the social network that you use every day!


In general, this is a “very feminine” resource about mentoring, support, the community of the business world that is raising the world to the weak half of humanity. If you did not know about it, take a note. For example, here soon starts a course with Amy Cuddy, a social psychologist who is known for her TED-performance about the body language.

Speeches / motivational and educational videos

TED Talks

Of course! There is no doubt that it was this resource, this platform with performances that changed the presentation format. So it is absolutely necessary to drop in at least once a week. Not only for professional purposes, but for general development, sometimes there are speeches with simply revolutionary discoveries and revelations. Cool.

99u talk

Share all the video on this resource can be with your colleagues – there are also a lot of charging for new ideas video, and even interesting thoughts.

Inc. Video

There are compilations of steep offices, voiced by well-known CEOs and their ideas about building and organizing work in the company, and also all sorts of life hacks about productivity.

Our secret resources for the search for new recruiting lifestyles


An excellent resource, where you can also scoop up ideas for a blog of your own – there are many sections on both recruiting and technology, so you can read for a long time. Do not stick!

Recruiting Tools

Here are published reviews of new tools for work. They are not always really useful or work in Russia, but they also come across the right ones.

Boolean Black Belt

For the most desperate here are collected life hacks for boolean-search in social networks. We must dig them out and learn how to use them. The creator of this blog is a real genius.


There are several foreign sites where interesting webinars are held.

Recruiting Webinar

For example, on October 25 there will be a webinar “Sourcing Niche Tech Talent: Tools Breakdown”. And will lead his well-known specialist in the field of HR and recruiting, Dean de Costa. We advise you to subscribe – it’s free.

Social Talent Webinar

They have a great blog, too, so we do not doubt the materials and webinar specifically. The nearest one is scheduled for November 2 and will be called “LinkedIn Updates Every Recruiter Needs To Know”. Only the first 500 registered will receive access, so hurry.


We try to share with you new research in the field of recruiting and HR, reports of well-known companies and so on. But you also do not lose sight of the new data in order to change the course of development in accordance with them.

From the latter to reading, it’s necessary to do this (already the squeeze, only the main thing!) – 8 key trends of 2017 according to LinkedIn

Social networks

Watch out for opinion leaders and colleagues who share professional success. Do not be afraid to ask questions in the relevant groups, as well as subscribe to Western pages and career groups of companies that successfully cope with social recruiting and branding. Their examples can be found here.

Fashionable start-ups and new technologies

If you are interested in what new tech innovations are emerging on the market (from funny games to business tools needed), then you should regularly look at the following addresses:


Every day there are new startups, which users evaluate and some go to the top. They can be discussed, husked or just try to use.


Crowdfinding platform – this is the simplest way to learn about technological innovations. Look here often.

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