11 Instruments for Building Your Strategy

Today, the search and evaluation of candidates in social networks, in the habit of the majority of modern HR professionals. We have 11 convenient tools that will help you to use new media on a completely different level.

Crystal Knows for LinkedIn

Crystal is an incredibly handy extension for Chrome. With it, you will be able to find individual approach to each candidate. Viewing a candidate profile on LinkedIn, Facebook and other social. Networks, you will need to click only one button and the extension will analyze information about the candidate, his online activity and other social factors. The result will be a report with recommendations on how best to communicate with the candidate as to work with him and, of course, as it is better to hentai.


These resources allow the user when corresponding via e-mail immediately to see a detailed profile of the interlocutor, which is. Based on data LinkedIn. It is really very convenient — no need to open additional tabs and search for the interlocutor in social networks. Rapportage and Full Contact plugins that work on Gmail. And the Outlook Social Connector, respectively, designed for Outlook users.

Locksmith for LinkedIn

Very clever tool again to LinkedIn users. Often the social network blocks the names of the people who are outside your circle of colleagues and acquaintances (3rd connections). Or just throws them under the code “LinkedIn Member”. You have probably already guessed what makes this tool. Right. Unlocks the name and surname of the person, page, or contacts, which you need to watch. Counterparts: Social Talent’s Boolean Generator & Custom Search Engines (CSEs). All of the above tools are. Designed to look for candidates on social networks for keywords with the possibility to add the title of the position and the exclusion of specific words. It is a pretty, simple resource. That can really help in the search. For example, take a look at Enter all necessary information for formation of the request (depends on where you will search for Google+, LinkedIn, Twitter) and the results obtained.


A wonderful resource to test the effectiveness and correctness of execution of your jobs. It is like Hemingway, only for vacancies. Helps to throw out all unnecessary words, stylistically, to check everything and just pay attention to important aspects. Irreplaceable thing! We would all advised, but the catch is that textbox is. Intended for revision only in English. So anyone who often works with positions in foreign — welcome!


Let not quite understand the title does not scare you. IFTTT is an acronym for If This, Then That. This plugin allows you to simultaneously post jobs or any other important information right on the website and in social networks and other resources, for example, Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Tumblr or somewhere else. Why? It is timesaving. It turns out that IFTTT is working like a chain reaction: if here and there, and if there, then here. If you posted something on your profile page on Facebook, the message will automatically appear in the Twitter sync allows you to quickly distribute necessary information.

Besides, it is very convenient to connect other resources. LinkedIn with the help of IFTTT: you can add photos it will be published automatically and can, for example, set up automatic publication of the most widely read material on the subject of your interest on LinkedIn, share information that will be of interest to colleagues and will keep you in the know. In General, there are about 150 additional functions only for LinkedIn try.

Cava. Analogues: Easley & Over. Do not forget about the aesthetic side of the question — pictures and photos always work much better than just the dry text, so we have prepared for you and the tools that will allow you to make a post in social networks are not just useful but also very effective. Canova — a simple resource where you can take photos, text and connect them together. All. Nothing more. Easley is the tool that will help you in creating simple infographics. Over — application that will allow you to create an image, add text, and even offers to add hipster filters.

Buzzy. Analogues: Solo moto & Apprise

And once again three very similar resource. They are all. Designed for the selection of content for publications. Solo moto is. Focused more on Russian-speaking audience, which is not on the Apprise and Buzzy. Here you can watch any news or articles on a keyword or subjects actively searched social media users lately, and maybe what material is the most popular this year. In addition, tools to help you find like your posts, so you can share with the audience the fact that they are close even when seemingly there is nothing to post.

Post Beyond

To create high quality content is one thing, but the right to distribute is completely different. Definitely some of the best distributors of your content can become your employees, and this PR is for you absolutely free. However, as practice shows, the majority of colleagues can ignore your content, and not so much because (maybe) he seems uninteresting as the reason that their feeds in social networks are overloaded, and your posts just get lost there. This tool is. Designed to solve this problem by providing a convenient and structured system for involving colleagues in the process of dissemination of information. Post Beyond has a good analytical system, which will allow you to see what it was like team what issues concern her and what she often shares.

The amplifier. Analogues: Buffer & Hootsuite

These three tools are also very similar in their functionality. With their help, you can simultaneously post to all your social networks and track Analytics. The tools will also tell you the optimum time in order to share information and help you understand what your audience wants. It is imperative that only Amplify easy to work with Ki is really. Important in the framework of the Russian labor market. You know.

Dream post

This service will simplify the process of publishing and registration of the posts with vacancies for social networking. The launch of the service scheduled for February — beginning of March.

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