Why Do The Best Employees Leave?

Why leave the best or the Organization is not. Made of brick and concrete, and of the people. Number one is our customers. Number two – the employees. Only number three –the shareholders. Those leaders, who do not understand, almost. Always eventually lead your company to stagnation or even ruin them. Fast, tough and developing modern market competes in more than their degree machinery and capital, namely well-coordinated team.

For example, the major players of the pharmaceutical industry in US was. Formed decades ago, new companies are rare and if you come, we achieve negligible results. Scarcely a small part of the sales of any of the existing companies in the market. And here in the mid-2000s in Ukraine foreign investments come in 100 million $. In the practice of pharmacy of US attempts to invest such amount. And now company X is building a new plant, luring employees good salaries with other pharmaceutical manufacturers, but never grows.

Start the legal and financial problems in the company change owners, start corruption schemes, in General, all the delights of domestic business. The result is stagnant a huge modern factory, which has several times less employees than anticipated, produce ten times fewer drugs than necessary. But what is the puncture? In pharmaceutical manufacturing, it is not so important expensive equipment, certified laboratories, a high level of remuneration. The cornerstone is knowledge, which has the staff and their skills. Together they make a big production mechanism, which already includes all related instruments.

Also, there have been attempts to create the largest pharmaceutical company in the regions with limited access to qualified personnel. Due to lack of personnel, such undertaking also failed to take a decent niche in the market. Such examples are many, as in the markets of US and CIS countries. As we can see, for example, the pharmaceutical industry, the bedrock is not the capital and resources, and competent approach and the alignment of the entire chain of management, recruitment and retention of staff. Such factors as working conditions, interesting tasks, a promising business and compliance with market level salary, of course, play the key indicators of the attractiveness of the company, but there are other underwater stones.

I hope you are all different and you have created an effective team, which leads the weight to fame and has already looked through the laurels of victory and multi-million dollar contracts. And here the problems begin, key members start to poach competitors, the people that holds everything go with Your company. What to do in such situations? How not to become the monster that takes away the best employees? And what makes to go of employees from companies that are experiencing economic growth?

And so, the list of demotivates that You have taken the best specialists. Attendance policy. If You have a fixed work schedule and the staff are often delayed without penalty for an hour or two, maybe even more, and the next day you penalize them or Express their dissatisfaction for the fact that the employee came on 10 minutes later than usual – do not expect that he will be late. Do not stay on top of time. Eradicate from your company is a rule “we delayed for 1-2 hours after work” and even if you have nothing to do, sit and look at each other. Understand that effective employees enough working day to make all the necessary work (with the exception of emergency and force majeure) and if the employee does not have time — then You have the planning of work is not proper or has the required skills. What would tomorrow the staff came to You and did the work efficiently, he needs time to get away and have time to rest for tomorrow’s exploits. Everyone besides work there are children in kindergartens, classes in gyms, meeting with family, time on vacation and more. This allows your employees to relax and rejuvenate for the next working day. To detain for no reason or punish for being late 10 minutes, the direct route to lose the best employees.

Silly rules or corporate culture

There are companies that implement ant corporation culture. Introduce the staff within certain limits or control, under the pretext of fear. My friend left the company, which was. Made publicly chastise the employee for any pinholes. Just going to the Department and taken out of the perpetrator, then Manager told me how bad he is and all substitutes. There are companies, which prefer for each puncture to issue a fine or reprimand. Motivation is. Built on the whip, leads only to slavery. Malicious rules you can come up with a lot of fantasies some leaders more than enough, but where do they lead?

Strict dress code

There are organizations, which are very strictly defined policy of the dress code. Employees do not even have the right in choosing colors, shirt or tie. Here I am not talking about the vendor’s consultants who work in supermarkets for the sale of equipment and are required to dress according to reasonable rules. We are talking about ordinary office plankton, which even cannot contact, but obliged to wear a certain style and color of clothing. Sometimes this rule can be covered employees at every step. If someone is a white shirt — gray, gets the chief. For the employee it is a shame and not very nice to hear that he was dressed very nice and not in a corporate style and something. These companies also do not motivate and retain the best talent. Simply explain that you have a company, you need to dress in business style and all. And that’s it! Strict rules of dress code will not raise any loyalty to the company no profit, just extra stress for all staff.

Mandatory corporate event

Most companies organize various parties or corporate gatherings outdoors or in a cafe. Then as if, all is well. All are happy, all laugh. But sometimes, such events are mandatory for all. And then for some of the staff begins the nightmare. Someone have nothing to wear, someone sits with the child, the third is an introvert and does not like noisy companies, etc. To organize a corporate it is good but do not make it mandatory for all to have staff for whom this is just hell. And the effect You want to achieve will be the opposite.

Ratings employees

Every week to compare who is better or who is worse, just did it, why Kohl is compared to Bob not worked so well in the last week not. Always the best idea. Quite a narrow circle of the organizations, it will be effective. Because this tool kills the team spirit. The employee does not consider firms as a mechanism with a common strategy and goal, and only yourself as a separate. Part and to earn or make more. As a result, he can substitute for other employees; it will not have the desire to teach beginners, the focus is only on themselves, the result of the whole company to him ceases not significant. And as a result, he may be better, but all companies and employees will suffer, and performance in the company not only will not rise, but fall. War in world markets are. Won only by concerted armies, not individual soldiers. Revise their views in this direction.

Ignorant stage of selection

A very important stage where we cannot correct the selection or evaluation of losing the best potential employees. Sometimes, companies save on recruitment, and on-site staff Manager is a graduate without work experience. And here is the HR guru, I read few articles on personnel selection, begins to realize itself. Believe me sometimes you can hear a lot of interesting. But most candidates who already have extensive experience and knowledge, renounce such companies, which can and interesting tasks and good conditions, but the first didn’t work out. There are also very long and time-consuming stages of the interview. A great example was my personal experience, when I came to the company with a staff of 50 people; they were engaged in courses of foreign languages and translation. And here I give information about the stages of selection. The first is an extensive test for 3-4 hours, after this interview with HR, then the polygraph test, interviews with the head of Department and finally with the head of the company — I heard, thanked, and realized that it is most likely not the center of foreign languages, and the secret base of the CIA. Big corporations and well-known companies can afford to spend 10-stage select Quests, but small and grey companies first need to create a name for yourself, and then to demand something.

Burnout and exhaustion

Domestic companies very well like multifunctional managers. It is based on the principle, we select the effective Manager or key specialist eventually see that he is doing everything just perfect, and begin slowly to bring down on him the job. Next, on our concern piled a lot of responsibilities, which in functionality, it is in principle not obliged to do that, but stubbornly continues to carry a mountain of work. After some time out, starts to fall one by one, and he not only manages to do everything, but the basic duties remain unfulfilled. The process of burnout and demotivation, the person is not satisfied with the results of their work. Not getting joy from the work the employee thinks how to leave the company, and even the additional salary will not save the situation. The process is started. And so efficient worker – turns into the worst employee with pockets full of disappointment in himself and the work. What You didn’t have such situations, look for ways to distribute the work, do not skimp on employees, the best are unable to work for two or three, even if you raise his salary significantly.

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