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HR Disrupted: It's time for something different

HR has lost its way and needs to find a new direction.

The main question in this book sets out to answer: if we want to survive and thrive in this new, uncertain world of business, how we manage, engage and support our employees in a completely different way?

HR-departments, and companies need to transform their approach. This entails not just tinkering with the process, or mechanics, but with a completely new look to the whole scenario. It’s the difference between spending hours to decide how many classes must be in the system of classification of employees, and asking if the classification of people actually enhances their ability to perform better in the first place.

To achieve these changes, Disruptive HR has three main components:

  1. Treating employees like adults not children
  2. Treating employees like customers or clients (not one size fits all approach)
  3. Treating employees as individuals

EACH: Employees as adults, consumers and humans. (Each of us is different, each of us deserves the best.)

So what happens when you read this book? Firstly, there is a light bulb moment: “I am doing this, and I did not even realize that this time you will see what it means for you and your organization with practical tools, ideas and methods, so you can start making changes. immediately.

Finally, the hard bit: this book will help you to implement this new way of thinking to others in your business.

How to write an perfect reflective essay

A reflective essay is a paper where one has to reveal own feelings on the certain matter. Such essay type allows students to develop critical thinking and show the ability to convey thoughts clearly. The topics are usually given by teachers at chools but are not given by professors at universities. If you need to learn to write reflective essays perfectly, it is important to remember a few rules.

Donot include every detail. A reflection essay is a very personal kind of work whereyou have to share the opinion or feelings with the audience. Therefore, you arenot obliged to mention everything. The best way to understand what should bewritten in the paper is to ask yourself whether something is relevant andappropriate before writing it down.

Ifthere is a specific detail you do not want to talk a lot about, do not includeit at all. You should be as honest as possible in the reflective essay, butthere are still boundaries you may not cross if you do not want to.

If the problem you are talking about is too personal or you just do not want to talk about it, but it makes a significant part of the story, do not tell too much about it. Try to be generic while describing the issue, just enough to make it easier to understand the whole story.

Keep it professional. Even though the paper is personal, remember that this still is an academic writing, so make it look accurate and clean.

As a reflection essay is your personal story, you can surely use ‘I’. However,remember that you need to remain professional and justify everything you sayusing evidence.

No slang or jargon. Once again, this is an academic paper, and you will submit itto the teacher. Thus, do not use any words that are okay for your friends, butsurely not okay for the professor. Also, make sure that spelling and grammarare on top too. 

Rereadthe work when you are done. Find mistakes, make necessary changes, and rereadthe paper a few more times before you submit it.

Pay attention to each sentence. An academic paper is the one that has clear sentences that communicate exactly what author wanted to say, and that is how it should be in your essay.

Keepthe focus. Do not confuse the reader and convey too many thought at a time. Thatmeans that each sentence you include has to say something important, but onlyone significant thing at once.

Make the text readable. Make simple sentences flow into the complex ones and vice-versa. This way the essay looks more natural and is a lot easier to read and comprehend.

Usetransitional sentences. Make sure you do not put a bunch of unrelated thoughtsin the paper. Each idea and emotion you express have to relate to something,and that is why you need to use transitional sentences that do not just fillthe space in between the actual sentences but provide necessary explanationsand make the essay more coherent.

Applyclassroom info. Teachers are always pleased to see that their students arepaying attention at classes. Thus, it is better to link the experiences youwrite about with the information you have received during the lesson. You canrelate your thoughts to the articles your teacher has mentioned, or the bookyou have recently read.