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Coaching: Start From Communication

“Mentor” — as numerous within this term. And just how frequently all fuss it. And we focus on it. We do not confuse consulting and training. We all know that training is something similar to the technology of creating conversation, by which workers is capable of professional and individual objectives. As well as for your […]

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Top Recruitment Trends of 2017

We already told you about the changes they have witnessed over the past year and which we think will continue to happen in 2017. Many reputable Western media (and not only) we have reviewed the on-going reforms in the global HR community and more than a dozen times. So we’ve gathered 8 articles on trends […]

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The Most Interesting Vacancies

We already told you about the unsuccessful attempts of some recruiters and HR’s job to make original and eye-catching. Now it is time to talk about the real recruitment campaigns, which most recently was? Successfully implemented. McDonalds. The secret ingredient that adds to their jobs at McDonald’s, its black humor. And eye-catching absurd claims such […]

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Recruitment: 12 Inspiring Cases

In recruiting, there is room for monotony. We are strongly confident. That is why have collected for you personally the illustrations hiring strategies. That are truly fascinating. And let us start to the Antarctic with only a little trip. Work that is harmful. Friend Ernest Shackleton went on a towards the Antarctic (and also the […]

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