Here you can find out the best advices on building the high quality HR brands

How to Formulate a Job Description

To entice the candidate’s interest to careers could be an image a laugh, a sonorous. That is her title. Attempt? Create the task name easy. Inventiveness is frequently. Talked about by us. Its edges are usually. Regarded challenging — that is why it has frequently baffled using clichés like “ninja”, “superhero “‘s utilization. He would […]

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How to Find the Ideal Candidate

What to do when a candidate who is perfect, not responding and ignoring your emails and calls they do not want? What to do when trying to get an answer to the letter of offer becomes real challenges? Now we will look together. For a start, we have gathered for you some of the figures […]

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Find Your Strategy

The subject of the email as your main chance to attract the attention of a passive candidate. Personalization. We are pleased when a stranger knows our name. It is nice when someone is making an offer, saves our time and puts in front of us all. Important cards in advance, trying really of interest to […]

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5 Uncomfortable Questions for Candidate

The last stage of selection is always the most exciting — it seems that almost everything came together, that you find the right person. And sometimes it’s here, closing his eyes at all, we miss something important because of what lose candidate and after a couple of months open the position again. Have 5 questions […]

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